“End of range” – Has Woolworths lost the plot!

Common practice in most fashion retailers across the word is to have one or two rails positioned at the rear of a department to merchandise the end of range garments. If a style has a good clearance reaction and sells through with only one or two units left, these will be removed from the main merchandise area and housed on a rail along with other end of range product. Customers understand this concept and will go to the rail to establish what the good sellers have been for the season so far, and maybe one or two garments will be left in the customers size.


Woolworths have tried to be clever with this concept and instead of calling this merchandise end of range, they have labeled the rail “Last of the best sellers”. That statement would be true if the rail was genuinely only used for the last of the best sellers. Instead Woolworhs visual staff when remerchandising the floor, take all the styles they cannot fit in the main presentation area and rather than remove this product from the floor they push it all onto rails labeled “Last of the best sellers”

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If this was genuine you would have one rail with many odds and ends, and only a few garments per style. The Woolworths I visited, which was one of thier smaller stores had four “Last of the best seller” rails in the ladies department with some styles as many as 12 items in the same  colour.


Unfortunately  this is not what they should be doing as they are misrepresenting the last of the best seller concept. I can guarantee all the product on these four rails are not best sellers. If they were why do they still have 12 units left?.

Customers need to be aware, and Woolworths should fix this issue as they are loosing credibility with the consumer.

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