Edgar’s – No improvement!

On 1/11/2015 I wrote a blog “Edgars – an unwanted shopping experience”.  My main point was the extremely poor customer service with very few untrained staff members to be found in any Edgars store.

Yesterday I read the below post from a friend on Facebook…….(5/01/2016)

“How Edgars expects to survive this economy with thier shocking service and retailers like H&M around is beyond me. I currently have +/- R800 of merchandise and cosmetics in my hand and have spent 15 minutes trying to pay cash for it. Now at the third terminal I’ve been sent to, one person manning it four tills open. How hard is it to take my money. Retailadvice.co.za your blog was spot on :)”


This was an actual experience at Edgars in the V&A Waterfront mall at a time when all retailers should be focused on securing every possible sale, especially cash sales. With store managers operating stores at this low efficiency, Edgars has very little chance of turning this business around. In today’s environment, Brand loyalty is dead. You can leave the product on the counter and shop next door and give your cash to some business who really wants it and provides the service. Let’s face it, how many stores in the waterfront can you buy the same brands of cosmetics at exactly the same price.

2016 will be a hard year for retailers and consumers thanks to Zuma. The little disposable income customers have will go to the top retail businesses who are hungry to survive. The bottom end service providers such as Edgars will be sorry they did not adopt a customer friendly approach.

enjoy your shopping.

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