H&M – Four months after opening.

On another visit to H&M waterfront this week, I had an objective to try and form a view on the price points. Were they still similar to when the store opened or had any price increases crept in.

I based most of my opinion from the men’s and homeware departments as that is where I did my initial buys in October 2015. To be honest I could still find the basic T shirt at R79, R99 and R129. Abundance of styles and colors in every size. I did get a feeling they had more styles of shirts on offer between R299 and R399 but this could simply be the store is  carring more of this price point than before.


Summer shorts were still on offer with many price points as before. Most of the basic range were being promoted as buy 3 and pay for 2. This is really good if you buy three R79 t shirts, you are paying R53 each.

In the homeware department I saw a table cloth the same one that I had purchased last year at R149 now priced at R229. Looks like this could be a price increase on that item.

My view is the consumer in general will not be concerned with the assortment of price points on offer today as they still have so much product at the entry level and the prices are already really good anyway. Whether the top is R149 or R199, it is such good value and so different in style to what is on offer at other stores, the client will still buy.

So shop now while prices are contained, not sure what will happen as new product arrives with the rand at over 16 to the dollar.

One more observation, after leaving the store and walking through the mall, I saw H&M packets being carried by shoppers more often than any other retailers packets. A good indication on how shoppers are voting.

enjoy your shopping….

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