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A few weeks ago at the end of January 2016 I walked past the new Tread + Miller store in the Canal Walk mall.


Although I was on my way to an appointment I could not stop myself from pausing briefly to look at a pair of men’s leather boots which caught my eye in the window. It was an Arthur Jack Preston boot in a dark brown colour priced at R1499. I really liked them and wanted to buy a pair as soon as possible. Unfortunately I never got back to the store after my appointment and as normal the purchase went out of my mind and weeks and weeks moved passed without any memory of Arthur Jack Preston…..

That was until Monday 7th March 2016 when I received the Tread + Miller news letter I subscribe to by email.


To my delight I saw the sought after boots I wanted to purchase were featured on sale at an unbelievable price of R799.


This must be a sign I thought to myself and without hesitation started the process  to purchase a pair of these boots in brown, size 42 on line from my mini I pad while sitting in a coffee shop!

The purchase transaction went easily and within minutes I had an email from Tread + Miller informing me the transaction had been successful. Two days later on Wednesday 9th March 2016 while having lunch at Palmer on Bree Street, I got a phone call from Ram couriers telling me a vehicle was at my gate at home with a package from Tread + Miller.

Unfortunately no one was at home, Ram should really have phoned me in advance to ensure someone was available to accept the package. Not to worry, they said, they will return the next day before 11am, which they duly did.



I am now the proud owner of a pair of stunning fashion Arthur Jack Preston boots. And as a bonus delivery anywhere in South Africa is free of charge at no cost to the consumer.


Now that is service.

Thanks Tread + Miller you have recruited a new customer who will buy from you again….& again.

enjoy your our on line shopping

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