Lunch in Capetown CBD – Bree Street

If you live or work in the CBD of Capetown then you probably know the new trendy place to have lunch is at the top end of Bree Street. Between 154 and 235 Bree Street, you will find an abundance of eating spots to choose from for lunch.

First at the top end of Bree Street, you have Crust and Sexy food. Then moving down towards the city you come across Lami, Little Saint, Bacon and Bree, Culture Club Cheese, Palma, Nunnery, and Odyssey.

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Further down you have the really popular Jason’s, Arcade, and Cafe Franks. A great viby strip with venues offering both seating indoors and outside on the pavement.

I walked passed both Bacon and Bree and Culture Cheese Club, as both the restaurant outside tables were all taken at 12h50 on a Wednesday. Next was Palma an establishment with an Italian influence with only four tables outside, all empty. Was this a red flag!.


Anyway I decided to try lunch at this venue. Tables were really nice and I was approached by a waiter immediately. The menu offered A la carte and a lunch menu special with five options. On the blackboard were another two specials for the day.

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I decided to have the pasta mushroom cream chicken dish for R65. Bradley was our waiter and was really attentive and took our drinks order first. Windhoek lager at R25 which is probably competative with other places around. The coke at R15 was only the small can containing 200ml so remember that if you are thirsty, not enough to drink.

Unfortunately when the lunch dish arrived, the first thing you think is why is the portion so small,


The cream sauce was really very tasty, but the quantity of pasta, chicken and mushroom was so little, you felt like you just had a starter.

I enjoyed my time at the venue, and tastes were good, but don’t offer a R65 pasta special and deliver a plate of food worth +/- R40. Bradley was great when he interacted with us but in between times he sat on a sofa next to the dinning tables outside and had a cigarette. Not the professional service you would expect.


I will certainly be back to this end of Bree street, but maybe not to Palma. Could be why during the time I had lunch the other three outside tables remained empty…


By the way for interest the famous Rafiki’s establishment at the corner of Kloof Nek road and Burnside road is closing its doors in June 2016 after many many years of service. If you want to enjoy this venue for the last time, you need to get down within the next few months.

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enjoy your lunch in this great city!




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