Puma looking good but no urgency to sell!

A few years ago I bought a pair of puma driving shoes in Hong Kong and was fortunate enough to find the style I wanted on sale at the time and paid just over 300 Hong Kong dollars which was around the R600 mark.puma-4


I have been extremely happy with the shoes, they have worn really well and are really comfortable especially when driving.

Not looking to replace them just yet, I happened to walk past the Puma  store in Canal Walk mall. Thought I would just have a look and see what they had to offer. As I walked into the store I could not help but notice the lack of vibe, could have been the the fact I was the only customer in the store, or it could have been the lack of music, I am not sure. Only one sales associate on the floor who did acknowledge me but then kept his distance. I quickly found the styles of puma shoes which interested me and low and behold they were also on sale. Marked down from R1700 to R900 maybe not as cheap as Hong Kong but that was a few years ago.


No approach from the only staff member even although I picked up the white BMW style on more than one occasion possibly three times. To me if a customer picks up a style two or more times that is a definate signal he could be a positive buyer and the red flag to the sales person to move in and make the sale. Not on this occasion, and I know if they had had my size I would have bought, I’m a sucker for buying any kind of shoes that appeal to me.

Given up, I moved to another table containing footwear and this time the sales associate did move forward and point out which were on sale and which were new styles. That was it for interaction, so no sale. I must admit I did notice the store was excellently merchandised and well presented. Unfortunately in today’s climate that is not enough you need the staff to make the sale!

enjoy your shopping

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