MTN – You disappoint..

I cannot understand the thinking behind the MTN retail stores in our malls. A business of this size which requires so much revenue to stay ahead, has simply no understanding of customer service.

I will give you an example, today I needed to buy one gig of data to reload my mini ipad. It’s probably a sale which will take three minutes to execute and gives MTN R160 in cash. How easy is that.

Not for MTN, when I arrive at the Canal Walk store, which has eight point of sale desks for consultants. Two were manned by consultants and both had customers.

I was third in the que to be served but even although I don’t need a consultant I’m only buying data, I still need to wait in the que for one of the two consultants to become available.

The four customers ahead of me we’re all opening or updating contracts which as we all know takes so much time…..

No other sales associate on the floor to assist the needy who wants to give them some cash, but nobody around to take it!

Take a lesson from Vodacom, they have consultant desks but they also have a counter you can walk straight up to and get served immediately especially if you only want to buy airtime or data.

How simple, but this massive corporate company MTN don’t get it!!!

Enjoy your shopping and buy your data next door at American Swiss. They don’t have any customers and you will be served immediately.

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