Edgars- How to upset your account base in one easy lesson!

Its difficult to understand how top executives in a blue chip retail company can take such a stupid decision and alienate thier total account base, the life blood of the Edgars business.

We all know Edgars are in trouble, massive debt repayment, totally wrong merchandise strategy, significantly less feet shopping in the stores, and aggressive competition from H&M, Cotton On etc.


Why would you take your account base who is probably still buying from your stores and penalise them by suddenly out of the blue deciding to levy an admin fee of R22.80 per month, for having an Edgars account. These are the consumers who are loyal to you and many have been for twenty to thirty years.  I’m sorry, but Edgars management, what ideots you are!

I believe some Edgars management accountant in a grey suit with brown shoes has come up with the idea to charge customers an admin fee for having an Edgars Account. The National Credit Act says we can charge a maximum of R60 every month admin for having an account with us. Let’s tell our customers we love them so much we are not going to charge the R60 which we are entitled to, but are only going to take R22.80. What a saving to our customers.

Hello! Your clients are not dumb. They can see straight through your sharp practice. First thing that’s going to happen is account holders are going to close thier accounts, simply out of principle. Then they are never going to buy in an Edgars store again to pay you back for your arrogance. Double hit, lost customers from your account base, and less people spending money in your stores.


Thats really going to turn your failing business around.

I have read so many tweets, hellopeter etc in the last few days, from customers all closing accounts. Unfortunately the damage is done, even if Edgars reverse this debit, customers are now moving onto greener pastures.

South Africans don’t have to belong to Edgars, they can buy from any retailer in our malls. Edgars should be encouraging customers to have an account and offering an incentive, not blatantly taking cash out of thier wallets every month!

really dumb.

enjoy your shopping.


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