Senior Retail Managers – Can destroy a business!

I have always said the most difficult function in any retail business is that of the staff on the shop floor in the stores. Compare this job to the merchandise planner based in Head Office. The planner has a desk, computer, chair and status. Working hours of 8h30 to 17hoo Monday to Friday. Staff kitchen facilities 1 minute walk from your desk, with coffee on offer  24/7.

The store sales assistant works on her feet all day sometimes 12 hour shifts, merchandising product, unpacking boxes, checking in merchandise, assisting customers, and is still expected to smile and be nice to the consumer. If working at Canal Walk Mall, the store closes at 21h00 but staff only leave after 21h20 when customers have cleared and cash up has been completed. The staff still need to get transport home, eat and shower, and get to sleep, as tomorrow they report for duty at 8h00 one hour before store opening at 9h00.


The up to date modern head office manager will understand this and appreciate the business depends on the dedicated store staff and know they should be treated as royalty because without them, they don’t have a business. Unfortunately many retail companies still have executives who live in the past and treat the store staff as low level employees. The biggest mistake that can be made. A loyal well treated store personal will generate many sales for the company if treated correctly.

Do your self and your business a favor, treat the store staff well and reap the benefit !

enjoy your shopping

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