Old Khaki – An inspiration!

Today I needed to pop out to Builders Warehouse to buy some paint. It was a little cooler than normal so I pulled on a pair of Guess jeans and a polo shirt, one of my favorite Cape Union Mart polo shirts.


When I arrived at the store I bumped into a friend of mine and could not help but notice he was also wearing a Cape Union Mart polo. I walked into the store and came across a guy wearing a T-shirt with Old Khaki pasted on the front. Just behind him another guy walked in wearing a nice blue check lounge shirt with the Union Mart logo.

Thats when I paused and thought, the amount on capetonions  that live in the Mother City and sport the K-way or Old Khaki brand is more than significant.

I am absolutely delighted the local population is supporting a truly South African committed company. Product produced locally employing local South Africans

You look around you and just check how many people are wearing this great product, it will surprise you.

Well done CUM I am so proud of your efforts.

enjoy your shopping.

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