Credit or Cash! – What to do….

  • Your parents always told you, never buy on credit, rather save until you have the cash and then buy. Over the last twenty five years or so,  South Africans have traditionally bought clothing on credit. That’s why retailers such as Edgars, Foschini, Truworths and Miladys have survived for so long. They have never had to worry about being cutting edge fashion retailers, as all they need to do is offer credit, and the cash strapped consumer will buy!.

Well 2015 has arrived and with it numerous international retailers which do NOT sell on credit!  Would you rather buy a pair of Foschini denims on credit and pay off over six months, or purchase those Zara jeans cash and know you have no more to pay. The younger generation don’t want to be told where to shop, they are a global audience and want to buy from the best retailers in the world, and that’s not Edgars or Foschini.

Times are a changing, throw away those in house account cards and start being in control of your own destiny. Buy the best product at great prices and be a global consumer. Forget the mass produced Edgars and Foschini merchandise, buy from today’s retailers such as H&M or Zara. Get with the program.

Credit is in the past, don’t get trapped in debt or interest payments, only the retailer will win. Be your own person, shop with cash.


enjoy your shopping


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