Clicks-Explain this one!

Xmas spending is over and now is the time retailers launch into sale to clear end of season merchandise and often old stock. In principle when I buy a sale item I want to see the WAS price and the NOW price to make me feel good about the bargin that is available to me.

Not so at Clicks!……

On the 30th December 2016, my wife went to Clicks to buy some sale cosmetics, i.e. nail polish/lipsticks etc. At the Sale display where visuals shout out “SAVE UP TO 50%”


she spotted a nail polish (bottom right tray in photo above) which she usually buys, with a sticker on the bottle clearly stating NOW R29.95.


This made her second guess the price, as she thought that was what she usually paid when buying out of sale periods.

Calling the cosmetic sales person and asking is the R29,95 the sale price or do I get 50% off this price. The staff member scanned the product on the computer and it came up as R29,95.

Moving to the Essence counter where this product is displayed away from the sale area, the same product is retailing at a full price of R29,95.

So how can the sale price on the sale display be up to 50% off and still be R29,95!!!!!!!

Ask this question to the staff member and the answer that came back was “Well we are trying to clear stock”. Oh no you are scamming the consumer. (Note: the sale area had 20+ bottles, so not a mistake with one item)

Just to be sure of the facts I went onto the Clicks webpage to identify the product and as you can see from the photo below the full price is definately R29,95.


As a customer I am concerned with this practice as its not fair on the consumer. Yeah you can claim it’s a mistake but why state, we are trying to clear stock?

what do you think?

enjoy your shopping.


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