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The 16th December 2016 being a public holiday and nine days before Xmas, saw many retailers deciding to offer incentives to attract customers.

I was in one of our malls and noticed Cotton On had a one day only special. –  40% off all ladies, men’s and homeware merchandise.


Now this is a really genuine opportunity for consumers as the 40% discount is on the total range not just the slow sellers that the retailer usually has selected to suit them and not you. The result to me looked like a winning promotion as the ques were long and the tills were ringing.


Edgars also had launched a one day only special so I decided to have a look. Oh no, not sure what bright executive thought this one up but thier promotion was 30% off selected merchandise (all the slow sellers) but the 30% was not given to the customer immediately they still have to pay the full price and a gift voucher is given to the customer to the value of the 30% to spend later.


Now this offer is designed to suit the retailer and certainly not the customer. Again Edgars kicks sand in the consumers face. If you buy you still have to pay full price, then get a 30% gift voucher which forces you to buy more, and Edgars has made full margin on the first purchase only giving the 30% on the next purchase when you use the voucher later.

Well the result of this brain wave was I bought lots at Cotton On and got the 40% advantage immediately which saved me cash. I bought nothing at Edgars as I felt I was being cheated.

Edgars beaten again by Cotton On…….


Good luck Edgars with your turn around strategy, maybe try and put the customer first for a change.

enjoy your shopping

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