Zara – Is this just another store!

Not too long ago, consumers were excited with the arrival of Zara on our shores. Red carpet openings from Sandton to Durban and then Capetown.  Good opening price points and fresh fashion from the largest retailer in the world.

Although a few mistakes were made, especially in the size curve offered to the local consumer, this was soon rectified and larger garments became available.( Note: the XL Zara item will always be much smaller than what we are use to in SA. )

Unfortunately prices stared to creep as time went on and the product became expensive compared to the initial offer. Understandably a Spanish company trading globally in dollars would need to align the price points to achieve profitability.

Stores opened are large in size especially the recent new store which opened InTygervalley, which certainly looks too big for the sales they are achieving in this mall. It’s great to see the Zara name in selected malls but after the initial build up, is this store just another clothing retailer supported no better than any other.

How many stores can still be opened or will it only ever be a top mall offer.


enjoy your shopping

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