Shoes. – A simple tip for Men!

Over the years I have traveled on many domestic flights to most cities in South Africa. While in the business class lounge, or standing on the bus on the way to the aircraft, I should probably have been doing what everyone else was…..checking my mobile phone.image

I must admit I wasn’t. What I was doing was checking out what passengers were wearing on their feet. This became an obsession with me as I was so shocked at the style of footwear especially men, which were being worn by guys in suits.

I once saw an executive traveler, possibly in banking or some other financial position. He wore a navy blue pin strip suit, white shirt and a red power tie.  When my eyes got down to his feet I was horrified to see he was wearing………………


A pair of black round toe, chunky sole, massive laces through gigantic lace holes  Bronx. This just spoils the whole look resulting in a fail for this guy.

My simple tip is related to shoes especially to men who normally get it wrong. In fact I have a few points on this subject and have listed them below to try and help the average guy out of a fail situation….

  1. With any outfit smart or casual, the choice of footwear is the most important piece.
  2. Never ever wear a heavy industrial looking pair of shoes at any time. If in business mode, even if it’s denims and a smart lounge shirt, always have shoes with a very slim sole, pointy toe, no matter how slight, but never a square toe. I have shown an example below…

image3. Black is the safest colour but don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and try a tan or light brown shoe with denims. Never wear brown shoes with navy or black pants it just looks stupid.


4. The biggest no no is wearing trainers with a smart pant. I’m referring to the Nike, Adidas type of track shoe. Again if casually dressed in denims, you can wear a sports shoe but try and stick to the fine look, puma is a good example.


5. Guys, spend some money on shoes and have a variety. Most guys have two pairs of dress shoes, one in black and one in brown, and wear them everyday for six months and only replace them when they are worn through and break. This situation is not good for the health of your feet and you will never have the right look no matter what you wear.

6. Take pride in how you present yourself, don’t be afraid to buy really good shoes, which will simply finish the way you are dressed. Ladies generally look at two items when they meet a guy for the first time, the shoes they have on and the watch they are wearing….Get them right and you are 90% on your way. (More on watches later!)

I have great advice for anyone who feels uncomfortable in choosing garments, footwear etc, along with many recommendations on the best places to buy great looking shoes. Contact me if you require a consultation, it maybe the best thing you have ever done.

enjoy your shopping

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