LC Waikiki – Is this another example of an overseas company not understanding the South African market

Thought I would pay a visit to our local LC Waikiki store in Tygervalley, always worth a look. It was around the 15th of February 2020 in the middle of Capetowns hottest month, reaching temperatures of 34 degrees outside.

This business has decided to go against the trend of every other fashion retailer in SA and launch a winter sale. The majority of merchandise at the entrance to the store were heavy flannel shirts, thick warm hoodies, and winter jackets. I am sorry, I just don’t get the logic or strategy behind this bazaar decision.

Every other fashion retailer in the country starts clearing the summer season product at the January sale. By the time they get to March they have added most of the summer product and receiving new transitional merchandise moving towards a full winter launch in April. Remember the winter season is very short in SA with most retailers going on winter sale in June.

The winter product which was on sale at front of store looked like old left over stock from last season. In reality that merchandise should have been dealt with at the end of winter or if packed away over summer, should only be brough back onto the floor after the new winter season has been launched. Difficult now to flood your sales floor with old reduced winter product in February and still expect to launch new winter goods two months later at full price.

Well maybe this is a red flag for overseas retail businesses to employ or consult with local retail managers who understand the Local fashion environment. The SA fashion consumer is very different that any other country in the world when it comes to buying habits. International retailers need to adapt to thrive.

Good Luck LC Waikiki

enjoy your shopping

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