H&M to change the retail landscape in South Africa

On the 17th October 2015 H&M opened the doors of its first store in South Africa in the V&A waterfront.  This was no ordinary new store opening, this is the start of a significant change to the retail landscape in South Africa.

Never before has the South African consumer been afforded the opportunity to shop in an international branded store offering brilliant merchandise at really affordable prices. Quality is much better than Cotton On or Mr Price and the price points are very similar. The store design and aumbiance beats any local retailer, and you definitely get the feeling you could be anywhere in the world.

A confident statement has been made by H&M trading in over 4,000 m2 with its first branch.  Ladies and men’s fashion, kids and homeware, all can shop at this business. Mum, dad, grand parents, teens, and tots, everyone will find something they just have to have.

I visited the store on a Sunday afternoon just over a week after opening. I have never witnessed the amount of consumers shopping in a store at one time. It reminded me of stores in Oxford Sreet London on a Xmas eve dealing with last minute shoppers. Terminals had long lines of happy customers waiting to pay, and fitting rooms had many potential buyers waiting to try on. After leaving the store I walked through Edgar’s in the mall and it was like a morgue, no customers to be seen.

Remember this statement from above, H&M will change the retail landscape in South Africa over the next five years.

enjoy your shopping!

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