Edgars – Do not deserve our patronage

I have written two previous articles on the subject of Edgars and how they treat the customer base who is still shopping in thier stores. Unfortunately both pretty negative. I like to test every now and again to see if I can find  any indication of a change.

This week I wanted to buy a pair of shoes and decided to check out Edgars in Tygervalley. On arrival at the men’s shoe department I browsed through the various racks of footwear, mostly merchandised by brand. I was drawn to the display counter which boasted Aldo shoes, a brand I enjoy as they always have a selection of great fashionable shoes.


I must have been at the display for close to five minutes picking up various styles to look at the quality and price on the sole. Not one approach from any sales associate to ask me if they could help or even say “hello it’s me”.  It was a Tuesday at 10 am in the morning, so not exactly a peak trading period packed with customers.

As I looked behind me I saw the only two sales associates in the men’s shoe department…………..


Both only three steps away from me with the guy in the red shirt wearing an Aldo badge. Absolutely no effort to try and make a sale or even offer assistance. At R1,400 on average for a pair of shoes, don’t you think the staff would be hungry for a sale!!!

Not in this case, I walked out and both Edgars and Aldo lost some needed revenue not only now, but also in the future as I won’t be back! For a retailer in today’s competative environment in this economy to walk away from ANY sale is ludicrous.

enjoy your shopping.

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