Apple South Africa – can’t get it right!

Maybe you have read about the issue in the press recently regarding Apple loading your iPhone battery to slow it down and encourage you to upgrade to a new handset when really all you needed was a replacement battery.

The company was so embarrassed when this went public they decided to launch a replacement battery program for its loyal clients. You can read all the Ts and Cs yourself but to make things simple, I have listed the main points you would need to understand if you own an Apple phone which has a low performing battery…..

1. Replacement battery for $29 or R429.78 inc vat

2. Valid for iPhone 6 or newer regardless of diagnostic test results.

3. Each customer can take advantage once during 2018.

4. Your phone can be out of warranty.

5. Visit to make an appointment. Online booking is essential.

6. Usual R200 technical appointment fee will be waived for this battery replacement program provided an appointment has been booked online.

Note: Core Group is the Apple distributor for South Africa.

OK sounds straight forward, let’s try it out…….

Made an appointment at my local store Tygervalley at 10am on Monday 15th January 2018 online. (First step as per the rules).

Arrived at the store five minutes early and dealt with an Apple consultant Zetu. She explained the phone had to be sent away to have the battery replaced and this would cost R200. Oh no, first mistake, I had to point out this fee wavered for this program. Now, why do I have to explain to the Apple consultant the Apple battery replacement rules!!

Then she asked if the phone was backed up and I confirmed it was.

Next she said the phone will be away for three to five days. I stressed it needs to be back within this time frame as I’m leaving for overseas in 10 days, she said don’t worry it will be back.

I signed the agreement and left.

The next day at 11:15 a voice message was left on my loan phone telling me my wife dropped off the phone for a battery replacement and they need to know if it has been backed up as they need to wipe the data clean.

This message concerned me for the following reasons…

1. My wife did not drop off the phone, I did.

2. We discussed the back up when I lodged the phone the day before, why you calling me a day later.

3. This means the phone is still in the store and we have already lost a day.

Phoned the store twice but no one bothers to answer. I got into my car and drive to the store to find Joseph Mashalaba was amazed to find we dealt with the backup issue when booking in. The phone was still in the store a full day later.

Concerned I was dealing with the untrained incompetent staff I took my precious phone back from them.

Is this the service you would expect from a massive international blue-chip company…..

Maybe buy Samsung next time.

enjoy your shopping

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