Vida e caffe – A progression

When mall shopping started to become a four hour session, coffee breaks started to become an urgent requirement to allow the shoppers some time out. They can sit for a while and refresh with a filter coffee before hitting the remaining stores in the second half of the outing. (Bit like half time at a rugby match!).

Coffee shops and cafe’s started to pop up in the mall strips adjacent to the popular fashion stores to capture the feet mulling around the stores.

Vida e  was one such coffee shop which quickly became a popular trendy destination as they offered really great coffee with service no one else could replicate. The Vida e team would not only interact with the consumer, but they had a great wrap with each other and provided fast friendly service with a difference.


The offer was simple, a few options of coffee, americano, cappucinno, etc and maybe a chocolate chip cookie or paistry of some sort. That was the recipe, fast service of exceptionally good coffee and a different vibe interaction from the guys behind the counter.

Like most things, when you have a winning formula, someone will try and copy and move in on the coffee revenue available to you in the malls. Progression and development becomes crucial to keep your brand ahead of the field. Nothing stays the same which means change is enevitable for survival.


I’m pleased to say Vida e has done this, they now have a larger variety of coffees to choose from with a single flat white starting at R20 or a double for R26. A wide range of muffins,  wraps, pastries, and cookies on offer. They have a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich for R20 and a chicken mayo sandwich for R30. I also noticed a sign advertising you can  “Build your own burger”. I am sure you don’t have to build it, only pick the ingredients of your choice.


This business has moved along by offering more when you visit and it will attract the lunch time consumer as well as the customer only looking for a coffee.

Congratulations your business is still leading.


enjoy your shopping.


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