Truworths – looks like my kids bedroom!

imageIf one retailer has a merchandising policy that no one understands it’s Truworths. Go into any Truworths store and see if you feel at home! It won’t happen!.

Normally you will arrive in a national retail store and understand where the casual department is,  where the smart dept is, and what’s on offer for the young consumer. Go into a Truworths store and it’s like a basket of washing, all product mixed around everywhere.

The more I look at it the more I think the issue is the wide assortment. They buy lots of different styles but in few items over a size curve. In other words a massive selection of styles but only one per size. This results in the store floor looking very “Bitsy” with few garments per style to make a statement,


Maybe works for Truworths but definately not customer friendly. Don’t they get it! Why never ask a consumer how they feel shopping in a Truworths store. So arrogant, just do it and expect support!. Those days are gone, we can shop anywhere today and many of us will…at H& M or any other retailer. Waken up and change your way.

enjoy our shopping



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