Skincare that Pays-off!

It is always refreshing when you hear a South African start-up story especially when it is woman-led.

Hey Gorgeous is one such company with a franchise store as well as an online presence. The companies owner and cosmetic scientist, Phoebe Williams says much of the inspiration behind the products came from the Bodyshop founder Anita Roddick with her use of natural products.

“As I aged I was inspired to utilise products derived from conscious, sustainable ingredients, and as my daughters grew up I also knew I wanted them to be able to use beauty products made from the highest quality organic and natural ingredients that are completely beneficial for the skin” Phoebe explains.

The Hey Gorgeous brand would like its product to be accessible to as many people as possible even although the natural ingredients and production process dictate the retail price point. This is why the skincare brand decided to partner with SA fintech start-up “Payjustnow”.

How this will work……..

When buying a product online the consumer will be given the option to pay with Payjustnow at the checkout. (This service is free to the customer as any Payjustnow charges are covered by the retailer). By choosing to pay via Payjustnow the customer will pay one-third of the transaction value and the rest in two interest-free installments. This assists the client in not having to pay the full amount of the purchase up-front. Their skincare product will be shipped straight away so no waiting and no missing out.

Hey Gorgeous has found away to offer high-quality products with an option to spread the purchase price over three installments rather than all at once.

Maybe time to give this range a try

Enjoy your shopping.

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