Sales Associates – Why SA is below world standards

Across the board generally in most retail stores in South Africa you as a customer will receive mediocre service at best. My statement is related to the big local national retailers in our malls.

The main reason for this is a result of these businesses containing costs, and staff are a major expense. Two choices face the national retailer, …

  1. Believe in offering top level customer service which will require recruiting experienced sales associates. Pay them well and offer commission on achieving sales targets. Be prepared to provide formal training regarding the companies ethos on customer service. Have an abundance of well trained, good image sales associates to sell your product.
  2. Have no commitment to offering customer service. Recruit the lowest level of employee and pay minimum wage. Offer staff no incentive to sell as the company has no regard for service in its business. Keep the staff compliment to a minimum, just enough to operate the store on a daily basis.                             Unfortunately most retailers have gone for option two as it is the least expensive way to operate the business. That is why you as the consumer receive below average service.                             Many smaller stores do offer thier sales associates commission on what they sell. You know immediately when you are in one of those stores, as suddenly the staff are really genuine on how they approach you, what words are used to make you feel comfortable, and what effort is made to assist you with any product you have shown interest in. image A successful sales associate will pay for themself and deliver revenue and profits to the business.   ..Enjoy your shopping.
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