Going to the Malls – Still what shoppers want!

On line shopping maybe here to stay but consumers still want to go to the malls. Retailers need to keep thier stores current and in tip top condition as customers still want to walk through your doors and buy from your store. Many consumers do shop on line and when buying an article where they can source from a web page this will always be an option.
However most would prefer to drive to the mall spend a few hours in stores and enjoy the experience. Many make the outing a social venture and have a routine when doing so. Meet a friend or family member, compare items at different stores, stop for that filter coffee or expresso and ensure you are seen at the right stores!

Where is the fun in ordering a size 10 denim jean on line, have it delivered to your door, hope it fits, and interact with the courier guy! …. Definitely more fun in the store trying on loads of denims in different fits, styles, colors, and getting an opinion from your best friend.
Put away that smart phone, get into your car, and go have some retail therapy…
Enjoy your shopping

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2 Thoughts to “Going to the Malls – Still what shoppers want!”

  1. retail

    Very true! I enjoyed the read, but still enjoy take a lot they open till 10pm! Fantastic

  2. ray

    Definitely enjoy shopping at the mall over on line!

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