Edgar’s an unwanted shopping experience

If you asked me what retailer in South Africa cares the least about its customers, I would immediately say Edgar’s. A business which is so arrogant it expects consumers to support them by spending in their stores but it offers absolutely no service, very little staff presence, except when they want you to pay, then someone will be available to operate a terminal.

A store which forces unknown brands on the SA public and expects us to pay priemium prices for the product. Who wants to buy a pair of Tom Taylor jeans for R1,500 when the brand has no equity in South Africa. My goodness how arrogant!

For me to say “I hate going into an Edgar’s store” would be an under estimate. They don’t deserve to be in business as its no longer customer driven, but financially driven. No basic retail principles executed, just sell on credit, take the money, we need to pay off our debt. Sad state of affairs.

With so much more choice and incredible retailers like H&M why do we need to purchase from Edgar’s. I wish yet another new CEO good luck, but I think your two year time line to turn this business around is very optimistic as your predecessor has left you with too many fundamentals to rectify and may require a longer time line.

enjoy your shopping!

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