Customer Service – Is any retailer really serious about offering great customer care!

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Gone are the days when you leave a retail store in South Africa and feel really great about the experience you have just had. Service is a perception which is built up in your mind through experience or hearsay.

If I had to list 10 SA retailers  how would you rate them out of 10 with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. Be honest and go through the names quickly rating as you go…

  1. Game
  2. Pick n Pay
  3. Edgars
  4. Woolworths
  5. Mr Price
  6. Top Shop
  7. Checkers
  8. MTN
  9. Truworths
  10. Foschini

Now look at how you scored, did you rate most  brands in the 1 – 5 segment or were more in the 6 – 10 segment.

If you rated one of the above a 1  or 2 that is a result of a personal experience you have had or maybe someone you know has related a poor experience to you. In your head when you enter that retailers store you have already made up your mind what kind of interaction you are going to have from the store staff. You half expect to be treated poorly and receive no genuine interaction from the personnel.

Just imagine if one retailer could take customer service delivery to such a level you would rate them 10 as soon as you heard thier name.  Customers would go back time and time again, sales associates would be happy and motivated to deliver the service, and the company would increase sales over expectation.

Not rocket science, but a strategy that would take hard work, commitment, resources, training input, operational focus and a genuine desire to be a customer service brand. It’s easier to pay minimum wage and just be like all the rest!

enjoy your shopping!


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