Another one bites the dust!!

Wow, another non South African retail business leaves our shores. Over the past few years we have seen the departure from our malls, Nine West, Mango, River Island, and Forever 21, just to mention a few.

Now Covit19 has arrived to excert more pressure on our retail businesses sending many global retailers out of the country. L C Waikiki have now decided to join the list of international brands to pack up and flee the SA landscape. A fashion retailer who should in reality be a huge success in our market, offering great product at amazingly competative price points, at a time when value is a sought after commodity.

So another empty store in our malls reducing our choice of buying power to the same old SA retailers we have been use to for many many years. As much as I would like to see our local retailers survive and succeed in the market, I also believe the consumer requires real assortment of global offerings to help keep the fashion industry competative. It’s. a sad situation for all of us but on the other hand Covid19 has a way of changing the normal to reality no one would have believed was possible only a short six month ago. Bye bye LC Waikiki we enjoyed your different range of product at prices we could afford. We will miss you.


enjoy your shopping

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